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How it works


Log in to the web app to customize the sources for your email. Choose from Reddit, RSS feeds, newsletters and many other sources (check them out below).

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Receive an email update every morning. Read content directly in your email or add it to Pocket/Instapaper to read later.

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Choose from many sources

Get the most popular posts each day on Hacker News.

Receive updates from Reddit, including any subreddit.

Follow any RSS/Atom feed for blogs or news sites.

View the local weather forecast for as many places as you like.

Include your email newsletters to see them all in one place.

Track changes in financial market indexes.

Learn a foreign language word of the day.

Get the Wikipedia featured article, the daily xkcd cartoon, or a quote of the day.

CortadoMail helps you...

Enrich yourself.
Follow topics, creators and feeds you care about without wasting time browsing the web. Find a new source of content? Make sure that you never miss an update by adding it to your CortadoMail email.
Avoid overload.
Emails are easy to scan quickly to figure out what is worth reading. And if you don’t have time right away, you can add content to read-it-later services, like Pocket or Instapaper.
Put everything in one place.
No need to check a dozen apps every morning or manage subscriptions on multiple websites. Instead, manage all your sources with CortadoMail and get your updates where you already go to every day — your email.
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